Build or renovate with all the expertise and guidance you need

Burdette Construction goes above and beyond most general contractors - we are contractors, designers, realtors, and investors.  Our combined expertise helps you see the big picture and navigate the project with ease.  Managing a new construction or renovation project can be overwhelming and stressful to most people, especially if they haven’t done it before.  We pride ourselves on managing all the details so our clients don’t have to.  Our goal is to deliver a dream home to our clients through a smooth and seamless process:

Choosing a property - Identifying the right “fixer upper”, tear down, or vacant lot is no easy task and requires the type of expertise Burdette brings to the table.  We are licensed as a general contractor and real estate broker, with over eight years of experience building new construction and renovating historic homes.  We know what it takes to build a dream home AND make a smart investment.

Making a plan - We work with our clients to make a plan early in the process, even before going under contract on a property, to ensure our clients choose a project with eyes wide open.  We’ll help you evaluate potential properties, build a preliminary design plan and realistic budget, secure the best financing, and make preparations to hit the ground running with construction as soon as the transaction closes.

Designing the finishes - Burdette offers an in-house designer to help with all the finishing choices.  We’ll narrow it down to a few options that look great and meet the budget, easing the burden for our clients who already have busy lives.

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